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It is important to me that my central heating system is energy efficient - can you advise on this?

Yes of course. We are very aware of the importance of energy efficiency and economically run systems and are happy to advise you and what’s best for you. You can also click on one of the useful links to find out more information on how to be more energy efficient.

Can we rely on you?

Yes - and our customers can vouch for us. We will advise realistic start dates and of course for emergencies, will make an immediate call-out.

If my installation requires an electrician, will you arrange this for me?

We can do this if required and work closely with a firm of local electricians as and when required.

What area do you cover?

We mainly cover Dumfries and Galloway.

If you smell gas call 0800 111 999 a free 24 hour emergency helpline.
  • Immediately turn off the gas supply at the meter
  • Do not operate any light switch or use naked flames
  • Open all doors and windows and vacate the building
  • Do not use mobile phones inside the premises